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Sizing Calculations

Choose the best size you need !

Our Sizing Chart board gives measurment’s information of the pants sizes, so you will have to calculate the size of your own pants, not the size of your physical body.


The best to get the exact size you need, would be to take the measurement of one of your pants that fit you correctly.

So you are going to take the measurement of your pants from the top left side to the top right side (upper part of the pants, so at the belt area)

To do so, put your pants on a flat surface and do the measure starting from the inside of the pants (not from the outside as we dont want to get the thickness of the fabric in the total waist calculation), and figure out the available space for your body to fit in perfectly.

Here is a photo showing you how to get the correct measurements.

As we said you have to calculate what is the available space for your body to fit inside the pants.
The best way will be to put the pants as flat as possible, with the edges well stretched but not too much either.
The best is to get a rendering position as natural as possible.

On the picture above you can see that the pants are well stretched but not too much! Calculation will be accurate !

On the contrary you should avoid taking measures with pants that make folds or that are over stretch! as it will result in bad measure for your final size choice 😉

in this following photo you can see that the pants are not stretched, kind of loose, making folds so the calculation will be wrong.

After you got the Waist Across measure as shown above, you will need to double the result to get your complete round waist.

The pants from our exemple photos has a measurement from left to right of 42,5 cm, so we double it  (42,5 x 2) : making the total a 85cm round waist.

According to our sizing chart the measure from our exemple is a Medium size.


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